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Peace Zone Academy is affiliated to NEB Nepal. PZA imparts education in two steams: Science and Management at +2 levels, Located in Viswa-15 Birgunj, the peaceful atmosphere enfolding the academy creates a pious atmosphere for learning. PZA believes that education should be imparted with a social conviction and not as a process of obtaining a vested motive in violation of academic and social responsibility.

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About Us

 Peace Zone Academy is proud of its experienced faculty and producing many scholars. Peace Zone Academy has received an increasing number of awards and is home to hundreds of awards across the teaching excellence, citations, and program categories. We will be solely conceived with a goal of fostering and foregrounding the academia of Nepal to keep pace with the fast-changing pattern and cope with the global challenges and needs of the present day. Hence, by instilling these values into the tender and developing minds of young students, the philosophy of ideal and true education can be practiced in real life.

One of Terai’s leading  institutions, Peace Zone  Academy established in 2065 B.S is a cerebral destination for students across the region and in Birgunj in particular. Its illustrious history of developing talent is what has inspired generations of students to be the best they can be. The college offers a conducive environment for learning, be it academically or in extracurricular activities. Known for its emphasis on education, entrepreneurship, research, and sports, Peace Zone  Academy has some of the best minds in the educational and research fields who work together to inspire groundbreaking work.

At Peace Zone  Academy, we believe in ethics and integrity, the scientific temper, environmental consciousness and sustainable development, promotion of Nepalese culture and heritage, active citizenry, and service to society.

At Peace Zone  Academy, we believe that quality education is the key to unlocking the potential of students, and we’re dedicated to providing students with the best possible learning experience.

We believe that education should be about more than just filling kids’ heads with facts. It should prepare them for the real world—and give them the confidence and skills they need to succeed. That’s why our focus is on fostering human development through excellence in Quality Education, Research, and Entrepreneurial Development.

At Peace Zone  Academy, we believe that every person is capable of greatness. We will be solely conceived with a goal of fostering and foregrounding the academia of Nepal to keep pace with the fast changing pattern and cope with the global challenges and needs of the present day.

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Peace Zone Academy has smartly designed their degrees with intent to instill skills in students who will go beyond the scope of their specific fields and beyond theory to develop end-to-end solutions that solve real world problems.


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ts our immense pleasure and honor to welcome you to Peace Zone Academy, Birgunj. You are going to make one of the most important decision of your life by choosing an appropriate institute for study. Choosing a place of study is as important as choosing the appropriate course for your career. You are not only going to shape your future career but also your whole life by studying PZA. We warmly invite you to grab the opportunities available in this Academy.
We have integrated blend of library services, science laboratories, information technology seminars and workshops and demonstrative studies. The PZA frequently conducts varieties of the extra-curricular activities like debate competition, quiz contest, spelling contest, sport activities such as basketball tournament, TT competition and cultural programs. Besides these activities, Peace Zone extension services include well managed cafeteria, transport and separate hostels for boys and girls.

Rakesh Yadav
Managing Director
Peace Zone Academy

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PZA provides cutting edge and allows the students to exchange to excavate their academic horizons.PZA is Having their Own School and Campus Buildings.


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